Digital strategy: what are the data quality indicators?

All websites must establish a strategy to give quality to their site. This quality attracts Internet users to visit your site frequently. There are several indicators that can inform you about the quality of your website data. You must know how to use them in order to take advantage of them.

Contacts and sessions

Even if you get several visits per month and unique visitors to your site, without contact, it is useless. They may see your page, but they are usually not interested. They have no intention of learning more about you and your site. To avoid this, your site should not encourage exchange. It must answer all the questions asked by your visitors.

It is also important to know the number of visits to your page in order to know the success of your website, your mobile application or your blog. The number of visits also allows you to know if your site can optimize the services, products and visibility of your company.

Boost downloads on the site

Before downloading something on the sites, some visitors are used to read the contents and information of the site first. Therefore, it is necessary to structure the contents of your site well in order to have visitors stay longer on your site. Moreover, if you put good information, your visitors will be interested and maybe they will not go to other sites.

Once your content is well structured, you will receive many visitors. The more visitors you have, the more downloads your resources will get. If you reach several downloads on your website, then you can be satisfied with your work.

The bounce rate is a reliable indicator

The bounce rate can also indicate the quality of your data. It is a marketing indicator used to calculate the number (as a percentage) of users who entered and exited a page, but only viewed that page. This can be explained in different ways:

Maybe the user didn't stay long on your site, because he didn't find the right information. So, he visited other pages. In this case, your bounce rate may be low. On the other hand, the user has spent a lot of time on your page and has found the right information. So, he is not obliged to visit another page. Under these conditions, your bounce rates will be high.

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