Enrich the Rich snippet for a better google search!

Rich snippet is more and more used since the last ten years to boost SEO. In order to understand how it works, it is important to make a short description of the rich snippet. Then, you will discover its advantages and finally identify the way to integrate it in a site.

Rich snippet: what is it?

Rich snippets are semantic tags which were used for the first time in 2009. It is an option that can boost the referencing of your sites. They are small images or texts that accompany websites in search results. Technically, the Rich snippet comes from several parts of HTML code that are integrated into the reference sites. The code is also called structured data. They must be included in the website's sources to function properly. The codes will then be taken into account by the search engines and will be integrated into the results.

What are its advantages?

The use of these tags has a direct impact on the traffic of the website concerned. Rich snippets exponentially improve the visibility of your sites on search engines. They also improve the positioning of your website in your results. Rich snippets allow search engines to better understand the content of a site. Several lines can also be added to the part dedicated to a result. Your site will occupy a larger place compared to your competitors. They also increase the reliability and credibility of the website. If the site is well placed, the click rate will quickly increase. The information added through the extracts also reassures the visitors.

How to integrate rich snippets on a site?

As mentioned earlier, the functioning of rich snippets depends on the structure of the data on a site. Thus, you have to use structured data to benefit from it. The tags must be inserted in your pages in different formats like Mircrodata, RDFa or

JSON-LD. Depending on the content you want to highlight, you need to choose the type of structured data. It can be an article or an event. For more ease in creating tags, you can use Google's guide for example schema.org. Thanks to these virtual assistants, your task becomes easy and all you have to do is fill in the information that corresponds to your page.

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