Site creation: why go for a WordPress site?

There are many reasons why you might want to use WordPress to create your website. WordPress is a content management system, also called CMS in the computer field. It allows you to create a website easily and quickly. To do so, you will have to go to the platform.

WordPress, a free CMS

The main advantage of the WordPress CMS is that it is open-source, i.e. free to use. In other words, it is completely free. Thanks to advanced plugins, you can for example have full control over your website with the self-hosted version of WordPress which is In the case of, it is more suitable for beginners. If you want to create a website for professional purposes, you will have to use which is more convenient. If you want to access advanced features, you can choose the paid version. Currently, WordPress is available to everyone for free. A collection of contributors has been developing this CMS since its creation in 2003, like many other open-source software. Note that you will still need to pay for the hosting of your website even if it was created with WordPress.

The WordPress CMS easily adapts to your needs and expectations

With the WordPress CMS, you can design any type of website. Many people think that it is only dedicated to the creation of blogs, which was its main purpose in the beginning. However, you can create an e-commerce site with it now. You can also create portfolios, forums, galleries, or job boards, for example. Note that this list is long and not exhaustive. Thanks to simple themes and plugins, you can easily and quickly create your website without having advanced knowledge in web programming. On the platform, you will have a wide choice of predefined themes and change what you want according to your needs and expectations.

Taking charge of the media

Almost any media will be supported by WordPress. You will be able to include images, documents, audio or video on your WordPress website. It can handle any type of file, from common files to less-known files. There are still some rare files that are not allowed, such as SVGs for example. However, there are solutions for this. Uploading them to WordPress is still possible as long as you take care of security.

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