What enterprise software can store product information?

Published on : 11 November 20212 min reading time

Companies working in e-commerce have to manage a lot of information about their products and services on a daily basis. In fact, there is software that allows companies to create reliable and complete records. In this article, you will discover the software that helps you manage your work.

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The PIM remains the most suitable software for storing product information. Its main task is to manage and enrich product information. This contains various equally important data, namely marketing descriptions. The PIM solution offered by the Goaland online platform is able to collect all the data concerning all the products that are listed in the company’s IS. To further facilitate the work of the marketing teams, the tool offers a distribution functionality. Indeed, once the product sheet reaches the required quality level, it is automatically broadcasted on the channels of your choice.


A CRM aims to help companies ensure their commercial success. This is done while giving them all kinds of performance indicators. It also allows them to collect critical information, useful to improve their offers and the quality of their services. To do this, the tool organizes and manages the data in a specific location. This allows the concerned teams to have the information in an automatic way. So, if you are looking for software that can store your product information, CRM is a good compromise. It allows you to save time.


ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning are integrated management software packages. These software tools allow companies to manage their daily activities. Depending on the configuration of the device, users are allowed to have access to all product-related information. Indeed, thanks to a regularly updated database, they just have to go there to have all the necessary information at their disposal. This is an essential solution to limit the risks of errors and to offer customers complete product sheets. However, it is important to note that there are different categories of ERP. Some users focus on small and medium-sized businesses, others are more multinational. So, before choosing your software, consider which features seem essential.

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