How to find influencers to promote your brand?

In recent years, brands have become more and more involved in influencer marketing, especially on social networks. Indeed, users of these brands often do not

trust advertising anymore, because they follow influencers more. This phenomenon has now become a must for young people.

What is an influencer?

With the help of his status, his position, an influencer is obviously a person who influences the buying behavior of consumers. For this, the different brands look for an agreement with them to have benefits in return, and this thanks to the powers of these influencers. However, influencer marketing seeks them out and identifies them to have a collaboration on behalf of the brands. You should also know that the marketing technique consists in launching a new product or service. An influencer is therefore a person who can offer visibility to your brand.

How to find and get to know an influencer?

Before searching for an influencer, you must first determine your audience, as this will determine your success. For example, if you are a travel equipment manufacturer, you can easily promote a product to influencers specialized in travel. The most important thing is to match the influencer's target with yours. Then, to ensure the success of your brand's visibility, it is necessary to estimate the power of your influencer. To do so, you need to make sure that his personality matches your brand. You also need to check the number of followers to ensure the reach of your message. Not to mention, you need to check the number of interactions, comments and also check that the people who follow your influencer are real and not fake robots.

Other tools needed to find influencers

Sometimes it's hard to predict the true value of an influencer. To help you get an idea, there is software that will allow you to enter the name of an Instagram account and look at the value of a post. So, this value is based on the number of posts, interactions, etc. So, you can easily check if the budget is good or not. The other way to find influencers is to create alerts on Google. You just have to indicate the name of your brand and create alerts on it. This will allow you to identify influencers, as Google will keep you informed as soon as there is a relevant person. After that, send a personalized message to the influencer with their name and account name. Then present your project, everything you can offer and especially what you expect from him or from her.

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