4 tips for a successful SEO!

The number of indexed sites on the Internet is increasing every year. As a result, it is more and more difficult to appear in the first results of interesting search engine queries. Traditional SEO techniques are not always enough to improve your ranking and increase your organic traffic. We propose 4 original and very effective SEO tips in this article.

Responsive design

Responsive design or adaptive website involves the development of a website that can adapt to users' connected devices. This technology responds to a new usage: the increase of traffic via mobile devices (tablets, connected watches, smart TV, etc.) with very different screen sizes. This change in the web design process allows the web page to be displayed in an optimal way.

Optimize page download speed

Google SEO load time has overtaken our countless SEO reviews. Web design agencies still don't take it seriously! You need to make it a priority to improve your website loading speed.

There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than waiting for the page to load. Note that after 3 seconds of waiting, users will click on the competitor's site. Your bounce rate will be high and you will send a bad signal to Google.

The maximum page load time should be 2 seconds and the maximum size is 600 KB. Here are some tools that can improve Google's loading speed. A very complete tool is GTmetrix.

Create quality content

When it comes to SEO, it is important to honor the famous saying that quality is better than quantity. This is the best advice you can give to beginners. It is necessary to produce quality, accessible and differentiated content with high added value for the readers. Whether it is on your website or on your social network, creating captivating articles will make you more convincing. You will appear more frequently on the Internet and the visibility of your company will increase. Who says visibility has to rhyme with traffic! The regular creation of high-quality content will improve your search engine rankings. This will logically increase traffic to your website or social network. However, it is not enough to publish a lot of content to increase your visibility.

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