How to keep your product information up to date?

To keep your product information up to date, you will need a product information management system. Also called PIM software, they are used to control, synchronize and manage any data related to your products, whether it is marketing, logistics or technical data.

Having a good maintenance of your product information will allow you to get reliable information on your online sales site. This will increase sales and productivity. Within the company, many professions and departments use the PIM software. Among those are the product manager, the marketing manager, the digital manager or the purchasing manager.

What is Product Information Management?

The Product Information Management or PIM solution is a platform on which a company distributes, updates, manages and centralizes product-related data. The objective of the PIM software is to distribute product information at the right time  to the right channel and to the right person.

Information that describes the products, sales conditions as well as user generated information are concerned with product information management. To enrich the quality, maintain and centralize the data related to the products, the software will be necessary.

The PIM software to keep your product information up to date

When maintaining product data, PIM software will then be about keeping product information up to date. Data management will then be more responsive, flexible and reliable. The company can gain in competitiveness and productivity. The success of commercial operations, as well as the rapid implementation of product offers, are the main benefits of the PIM. The reference information contained on the product sheets will then be updated, if necessary, with the PIM software according to your needs and expectations. The other advantage is the unique information repository. Only one source of reference data will be used.

How the PIM software works

The data used internally will be collected at the beginning. These data will then be structured and centralized in a unique repository. To have a quality source, the data will be updated regularly. The exploitation of these data will then be done in a reliable way. With the validation workflow, the processes can be easily controlled. There will be a considerable saving of time with the use of a PIM software.

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