The electronic signature: for enhanced security!

Faced with the difficulties it is encountering, particularly in France, the digital signature has put forward a strong argument: in addition to the strong demand from the younger generation, it is also a formidable gas pedal of transformation speed.

What is an electronic signature?

Digital signatures are used with digital documents the same way as the traditional signatures are used with paper documents.

In concrete terms, the digital signature will allow you to express your approval and to bind yourself to the signed document. For this purpose, there are specialized software programs that use specific encryption methods. You can sign all types of documents, such as Word, PDF, JPEG or XML.

Strengthening security

Many people think that manual signatures on paper are more secure than electronic signatures. But the fact is quite the opposite! All kinds of digital signatures are more secure than a traditional signature. Electronic signatures offer complete traceability of the signing process.

It has a digital fingerprint that is permanently embedded in the original documents. This mark will allow for quick detection of changes made to the documents.

Therefore, it is more difficult to falsify a document signed with an electronic signature. Moreover, thanks to the asymmetric encryption process of the digital signature, the security of the transaction is guaranteed.

Each signature is protected by an electronic certificate, which can seal the document. Digital signatures also allow you to perform various sales transactions, which reduces the risk of errors compared to manually controlled handwritten signatures.

The advantages of electronic signature for companies

Obviously, a digital signature can guarantee the authenticity of the date of the signature and the signatory. Therefore, the integrity of the document is assured. In the company, the advantages are numerous.

  • More security

Indeed, the encryption process as the source of the electronic signature guarantees maximum security. Therefore, digital signatures offer a higher level of security than handwritten signatures. A digital signature consists of a seal that protects it. In addition, electronically signed documents have a history, allowing you to view all the different changes made to the file.

  • Preventing counterfeiting

Electronic signatures can also prevent some possible forgeries. Given the security of this signature form, it is more difficult to falsify a digitally signed document.

  • Significant savings on business expenses

In fact, it is no longer necessary to ask for printing and stamping assistance when signing a contract or other routine behavior. With digital signatures, printing costs are reduced or non-existent.

  • More effective business value

Indeed, digitalization is increasingly taking over all areas of business. Nowadays, it is essential for companies to develop effective digital strategies that allow customers to register online via their cell phone, wherever they are, thus improving sales behavior and even customer relations.

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